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    First time?

    No problem! I understand the confusion and anxiety around looking for a therapist for the first time. Please feel free to reach out to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me. This will help me learn your goals and intent for therapy, as well as you will learn about my style of therapy. My goal is to help you on the path to healing and peace.

    What is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist?

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists are psychotherapists licensed by the state of California. I hold a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from the state board accredited school, Pepperdine University.

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists complete total minimum hours of counseling experience of 3,500 hours before becoming licensed eligible. I continue to take trainings, consult with other prominent therapists, and stay up-to-date with research techniques to best help you.

    I am trained and experienced in assessing the whole person, diagnosing, and treating individuals, couples, children, and families to live the most fulfilling life.

    Do I take insurance?

    I accept PPO insurance that has the out-of- network benefit. I will provide you with a superbill which can be sent to your insurance company for reimbursement directly to you.

    Length of sessions?

    Sessions typically last 50 minutes.

    Frequency of sessions? I recommend weekly sessions. Why? Because research shows that people who participate in weekly therapy benefit more compared to those who participate bi-weekly. However, I can accommodate other schedules and would be happy to discuss with you how to meet your needs best.