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    Anxiety Treatment

    Is Anxiety Holding You Back From Your True Potential?

    Are significant parts of your day spent ruminating on negative thoughts or mentally preparing for some imminent catastrophe? Do you feel so overwhelmed by your emotions that you no longer can tell if you control them or if they control you?

    Perhaps a lack of motivation or purpose causes you to procrastinate, avoid social situations, or fall short of professional goals. Or maybe you are so stressed out and on edge all the time that it’s causing a rift between you and your partner.

    Anxiety Can Have A Profound Impact On Your Daily Life…

    And it can affect your relationships as well—often creating frustrating, negative behavioral cycles that can be hard to break out of without guidance. You may be experiencing debilitating social anxiety or panic attacks to the extent that you can’t help but withdraw from everyone and everything.

    A persistent sense of dread is likely causing you to feel physical symptoms of anxiety, such as rapid breathing, excessive sweating, digestive issues, and unexplained body aches. Or it may be that an extraordinary life transition, Covid-19, or the sheer uncertainty of living in an ever-evolving world is inevitably taking a toll on your mental health.

    Whether anxiety affects your career, relationships, or overall well-being, I want to help you come to a place of peace in your life. Working together, I believe we can create a roadmap for healing that will help you achieve your goals and live with a greater sense of safety, security, and self-confidence.

    Anxiety Is Widely Common And On The Rise

    Anxiety—one of the most pervasive mental health concerns worldwide—has become increasingly prevalent ever since the onset of Covid-19. Many people have experienced profound changes in the world, their jobs, relationships, and families that have fundamentally altered daily life.

    Anxiety, itself, isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it’s the mind and body’s way of protecting us from harm. It’s just that for some people, that defense mechanism gets stuck in overdrive. And though anxiety is frequently rooted in biology—environmental and social forces can exacerbate anyone’s tolerance to distress.

    For instance, fear of the unknown, sudden exposure to unfamiliar environments, or difficult changes that deviate from everyday experiences all have the power to cause anxiety. Even positive transitions like leaving home for college, changing careers, or becoming a parent can evoke powerful, sometimes debilitating emotions.

    Despite Its Commonality, People Coping With Anxiety Face Multiple Challenges

    Unfortunately, most individuals don’t know how to regulate their feelings or manage stressors. And they often don’t have social or familial networks equipped with the expertise to see them as a whole person and identify specific patterns or factors contributing to anxiety.

    However, I can provide you with objective, compassionate support for healing the root of your distress and actualizing the future you want for yourself. At the same time, I’ll teach you skills for managing symptoms, improving mind/body self-care, and overcoming the limitations that anxiety places on you.

    Anxiety Treatment Offers Compassionate Support And Practical Solutions

    For many people who are dealing with anxiety, the idea of reaching out and talking to a therapist can be intimidating—even if it’s done online. However, therapy acts as a vessel, a safe space to contain your fears so you can gently explore the roots of your anxiety and develop a deeper sense of self-awareness.

    By recognizing certain behavioral patterns and ways of thinking that may not be helpful, we can collaborate to make subtle shifts in your life that will yield greater peace and fulfillment.

    What You Can Expect From Our Initial Meeting

    All of my anxiety counseling sessions are conducted online, so to get started, I’ll have you fill out some preliminary paperwork before our first session. During this time, you can give me a general overview of the concerns that bring you to therapy and the outcomes you hope to achieve. My primary goal before proceeding is to make sure that I am a good match for your needs.

    Then in subsequent sessions, I’ll focus on getting to know you and your history a little better. That could include exploring aspects of your career, family life, friends, upbringing, spirituality, and biology, among other things. In that regard, I take both a cognitive and systems-oriented approach to anxiety treatment. That is—in addition to helping you understand the origins of your anxiety, I also want to give practical skills for coping with symptoms.

    I believe that understanding anxiety’s roots and achieving true healing require looking at all aspects of your being—the entire system in which you find yourself. By looking at your experiences, memories, and beliefs, we can identify triggers for anxiety, why they exist, and ultimately how to overcome any fear and self-doubt that may be holding you back.

    Some Of The Tools I Use For The Treatment Of Anxiety Disorders

    I take an integrative approach to anxiety treatment that uses numerous interventions to achieve comprehensive healing. Systems work enables clients to better understand their anxiety and the purpose it may serve. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) offers tangible skills for reshaping unhealthy thinking patterns, correcting negative self-talk, and interrupting ruminating thoughts of disturbing “what if?” scenarios.

    I utilize aspects of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to help clients regulate emotions, tolerate distress, improve relationships, and cultivate a sense of tranquility through mindfulness. As I mentioned, I also do systems-informed work, which enables me to develop a more dynamic understanding of an individual as a whole.

    The Qualities That Makes My Practice Unique

    In addition to helping you understand anxiety, where it comes from, and how to overcome symptoms, I also want to help you actualize the life you truly want for yourself. Everything you need to heal, grow, and thrive exists in abundance. And if you can imagine change for yourself, you have it within you to make it possible.

    To tap into your inherent strength, I’ll use a practical yet powerful technique called the Miracle Question, which is rooted in solution-focused therapy. I’ll ask you a question such as, “If you closed your eyes for the night and woke the next day to a perfect life, what would that look like?”

    Then using your response, we can develop insights and create concrete steps to achieve those goals and the life you really want for yourself. In that way, not only can I help you find short-term relief from stress and anxiety, but I can also help identify what truly brings you happiness and how you can attain it in the long term.

    Anxiety disorders are vastly common, but you don’t have to let fear and doubt limit the way you live. There is hope for a life in which you feel calm, safe, and capable of handling life’s challenges on your own. Even though you may feel uncertain and at a loss for answers, I assure you, anxiety therapy can equip you with the skills and self-awareness needed to live life on your own terms.

    Perhaps You’re Considering Anxiety Treatment, But You Still Have Some Concerns…

    How can I afford the expense of ongoing anxiety therapy?

    I understand that self-care is imperative to greater well-being, so I offer options for therapy sessions on a sliding scale based on income and budgets. Though counseling may seem costly at first, my job is to help you develop the coping skills, self-awareness, and inner strength to manage symptoms and overcome anxiety in the long run on your own. So anxiety treatment truly is a temporary investment.

    What if my anxiety gets worse before it gets better?

    Any time a person confronts aspects of themselves—especially hidden or unknown wounds—it can be uncomfortable. But that’s just a sign of healing, like treating a cut or a burn. It’s by paying attention to the pain that we overcome it. Even so, I want to reassure you that in the face of any emotions you may encounter in sessions, I’ll be here for you every step of the way to lean on and draw strength from.

    How do I know that anxiety counseling is working?

    Healing doesn’t happen overnight, so your progress may not be apparent in the beginning. However, from the start, I will equip you with the coping skills, mindfulness techniques, and education you need to identify triggers and manage your emotions before they get the better of you. Those tools will work from day one, and in a short time, you’ll begin to notice a change in how you handle stress, manage adversity, and take charge of yourself.

    Let Me Help You Discover The Life That Was Meant For You

    If you are tired of anxiety or stress preventing you from living in peace, I can help you put your mind at ease. Please call or text 619 944 3936 for your free, 15 to 20-minute consultation to see how my approach to anxiety treatment may be able to help you enjoy life to its fullest. Or you can contact me via email, my contact page, or website.